Responsible Gaming

Rush Gaming Limited (“the Operator”, “we”) and its related sites (“the Website”) offer the Player (“Player(s), (“You”) outstanding online entertainment by creating an enjoyable and online gaming platform.

Gambling has long been a popular source of entertainment across the globe and, when played in a safe environment, it provides fun and excitement for players from all walks of life. The key to keeping it fun is to maintain that level of control – and here at RushCasino, we’re proudly committed to helping you do exactly that.

We acknowledge that even though most of our Players play for entertainment, there are few Players who may lose control of their playing. As such, we fully support and sponsor Responsible Gaming as a safeguard to a safe and controlled gambling environment, while keeping the following points in mind:

To avoid neglecting financial responsibilities, Players can and should, if desired, set a fixed amount intended to spend, avoiding you exceeding those limits. For this purpose, the Player has several options accessible in the Limitations section under the ‘Responsible Gaming’ page.

Players should control their expenses by taking small breaks during the game, in order to evaluate the results of the game, and remind themselves that they should not continue if the purpose is to recover their losses, as it could lead to serious problems.

The Player should be aware that gambling cannot be seen as a way of absconding from personal problems nor day-to-day difficulties, since, by doing so, they can easily fall in disproportionate behaviors and unconscious actions that could lead to addiction.

The Player must always keep in mind that they have the ability, at any moment and on their own initiative, to self-exclude themselves from playing games/gaming, temporarily or indefinitely in the section under “Self Exclusion” which can be found in the “Responsible gaming” tab

Please keep in mind that if you, as a Player have any concerns or is struggling to have control or stop the gambling activity, do contact our team. There are also organizations offering anonymous advice and support, like:


We recommend that every Player registered on our Website keeps their login details completely confidential and does not share them with anyone. You are solely responsible for all the transactions and activities conducted in relation to your User Account, and all transactions made in your User Account using your login details will be considered valid by the Operator.


We take all measures to not allow people under 18 years of age to have a registered account on the Website. Any minor endeavouring to register an account on our Website or anyone trying to assist a minor in doing so, will be in direct violation of our General Terms and Conditions.

The list below is intended to guide Players on best practises on how to protect their User Account from being accessed by minors:

  • Do not share your User Account’s login details.
  • When accessing the Website, make sure you disable the password saving function on the browser.
  • Do not share your financial data with minors.
  • Install control software or internet filters on the devices you use for accessing the Websites if you (the Player) live with people under 18 years of age. This type of software can be obtained through the following links and
  • Install Gamblock, if desired, which limits the access to online gaming sites through the following link

It should be stated that the Company has no association with the entities cited, and, the Player can always find different options to aid them in protecting their User Account’s from underage gambling.

Also, we remind the Player that to comply with the law, we carry out age verification checks on, but not limited to, all customers using payment mechanisms that are available to under-18s.

If you are worried that someone underage is using our site, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will take the necessary steps.


If you are troubled about your gambling pattern and feel that you may no longer be fully in control of it, we strongly recommend you contact our Customer Support. To be able to control their gambling activity and to ensure that their time on all Websites are fair and entertaining, the Player has several options and tools available to him/her and which can be accessed whenever the Player wishes to.

A Player, by logging into the User Account can also check and access all the transactions s/he has made, as well as the balance in the User Account, and below you can find all the different types of options we offer to ensure your gaming is enjoyable and passible of control.

Additionally, upon registration or first login you will have the option to apply a deposit limit to your account.


The different limits options offered by RushCasino are a part of our Responsible Gaming Policy, so setting limits can add an extra level of control over your gambling and control your wagering amounts. The Player can set a daily, weekly and/or monthly limit. Alternatively, the Player can set a combination of these limits for more control.

If you think you could benefit from one or more of these limits option, please do not hesitate to contact us or simply set the limits under your profile settings by accessing the functions on your User Account by clicking on “My Profile”, then “Limitations”.

If you choose to apply a limit to your account, note that this limit will not be carried over to other Rush Gaming Ltd websites.


Be in control of your spending by using deposit limit. The Player will not be allowed to continue to deposit after you have reached the deposit limit. This tool will ensure you are not exceeding your budget and you are not spending more than the previously determined amount.

You can determine these by accessing the functions on your Players Account by clicking on “My Profile”, then “Limits” and “Deposit”.


You can also limit the amount of money which you wish to wager over a period by choosing wagering limit. This will help you control exactly how much money you are willing to spend on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

You can determine these by accessing the functions on your User Account by clicking on “My Profile”, then “Limits” and “Wager”.


If you feel like you may have spent more time playing than you intended, the Player can take back control by setting a session limit. When you are close to exceeding said limit, you will receive a pop-up message informing you about the session time.

You can determine these by accessing the function on your User Account by clicking on “My Profile”, then “Limits” and “Time Limit”.


You are also given the option to amend or completely remove limits. If you wish to lower your limit, this will happen instantly upon your notification. Increasing and/or cancelling a limit will take an additional twenty-four (24) hours to process before the change can take effect.

Contact one of our Customer Support agents who is available to answer any questions you may have regarding this tool.


If you feel like taking a short break from your User Account, you can choose to take a time-out of between 1 day to 6 weeks. Just login into your User Account settings, on “My Profile, “Limits”, Time” and then on the “Cool-off“, outline the period and click “Save”. During this cool-off period you will only be able to login in order to withdraw your balance

When the selected time ends, the User Account will be automatically reactivated, so you just need to log in.


RushCasino recognizes that potential problems can arise as a result of gambling issues.

In an effort to prevent such problems from developing in the first place, we offer our members the ability to exclude themselves from all forms of betting on our website for a specified period of time

Please note that by self-excluding on this site you will have your officially held accounts within RushCasino suspended. It's a simple way for you to take back control if you feel your betting is starting to take over.

You can self-exclude by selecting the time period during which you'd like to be excluded & then click confirm

Please note that self-exclusion means automatic termination of your account access for a certain period of time with no option of reversal prior to its expiration

Please note that an alternative way of requesting self-exclusion is by contacting our Customer Service through one of the following channels:

  • Live Chat: available on the site
  • Email:
    Please note that in case you don't receive an automatic e-mail within 10 minutes you should contact our Customer Service via e-mail, chat or phone to have your self-exclusion request handled.


Problematic gaming, is a reality recognized by the World Health Organization, as being a concern that it is an activity that can lead to addictive behaviours and gambling dependency.

Considering the statement above, the player should always be aware of any signs that can show gambling concerns, like:

  • Having an excessive concern about the game.
  • Having financial, family and/or professional problems caused by gaming.
  • Continuously exceeding the established limits.
  • Wagering with the purpose of recovering losses.
  • Wagering more and more every time to sustain the excitement or to “escape” from problems
  • Hiding the gaming involvement from family or friends.
  • Loans should not be taken with the aim of gaming or to compensate losses taking place from gambling.
  • Attempting to, without success, to reduce or stop gambling

If Players are confronted with these signs, for your protection, RushCasino the Company encourages you to seek qualified help on this matter!